Saugues a twin town & European exchange

Saugues-Modave twin towns

The history of the twinning of Saugues

  • 1989 : 1st contact
  • 1991 : engagement in January
  • Creation of the twinning committee in March
  • 1st visit to Saugues by the children of Modave following an invitation from Mireille de Chirac, Mayor at the time.
  • All saints day, a visit to Modave for the adults
  • 1992 : Easter marked the 1st trip to Modave for the children of Saugues
  • Official twinning celebrated at Saugues with 6 days of festivities and cultural discovery
  • August 1993 : Official twinning celebrated at Modave

Jumelage Saugues-ModaveJumelage Saugues-Modave
School exchanges have taken place annually or biannually ever since, strengthening relations between the two towns. These exchanges represent the most important aspect of the partnership. Various other activities have also taken place, such as participation in the Liège tourism trade fair and trade fairs at Modave, youth group trips etc.
Following an invitation from the governor of the province of Liège, Sauguaines delegations are received at Liège every 4 years, the last visit took place at Whitsun 2011.
Every anniversary is celebrated with visits to both towns. Every year in July on the feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a town party is organised and Belgian drinks are served.

Since 2009 thanks to the federation of the twinning committees of Haute-Loie, the twinning committee participates in the European town trade fair of Pay-en-Velay. Over the past 20 years, a great number of friendships have been built and every summer Modaviens visit Saugues during the summer holidays for the feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 2012 will be an important year, marking the 20 year anniversary, and the ideal time to further develop the Franco-Belgian friendship.

Exchange with Prague

The great geologist & palaeontologist Joachim Barrande, of Saugues origin, built a remarkable carrier in the Czech Republic. Recognised as one of the best in his field, Barrande’s work is one of the most important references in the domain. In Prague both a cinema and bridge have been named after the famous geologist. In 1999, following an invitation from the Town Hall of Prague V to the municipality of Saugues, in conjunction with the Association “Amis de la Tour” a trip was organised to commemorate of the famous Sauguain. A bond developed between the two towns.

In 2007, representatives from the Saugues town hall were invited by the mayor of Prague V to participate in St. Wenceslas Day celebrations. A further visit in 2008 strengthened relations. In 2009, the Prague V local counsel sent a delegation to discover Joachim Barrande’s heritage, on the occasion of the feast of the Blessed Virgin.

Délégation de Prague sur la terrasse de la TourEchanges avec Prague V

Echanges avec Prague VEchanges avec Prague V

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