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The Beast of Gévaudan Museum, Saugues

A unique place entirely dedicated to the Beast of Gévaudan, his story and the lands he visited. Over 150,000 people have visited the museum over the last 10

The Tour des Anglais (English Tower)

This 12th century tower is a work of military architecture from the Middle-Ages, of great interest it was classified a Historical Monument on the 18th of May 1907. This museum boasts a 23m high ceiling and houses frescoes on forest work and crafts of times-gone-by, together with numerous exhibitions, renewed each year. There is a spectacular view out over Margeride from the tower terrace.

The Clauze Polygonal Tower

This tower, perched on its ancient granite base, has guarded over the Saugues region since the 14th century.

Esplantas Castle and Tower

The 13th century Esplantas Castle & Tower allows the visitor to experience medieval times.

The Montchauvet Archaeological Site

Perched at over 1,200m altitude, this deserted village remains an enigma to this day.

A land of faith and tradition

Diorama St BenildeSt Medardcollegiale St Médard

St Bénilde Diorama

“Maison Sainte Bénilde” hosts a diorama of sound and light retracing the life of Pierre Romancon who lived in Saugues for 20 years, under the name of brother St Bénilde and was canonised on the 29th of October 1967.
- White Penitents Chapel was erected in 1681 and extended in 1723. Destroyed in the great fire of 1788, it was restored by the penitents quickly thereafter. Confiscated by the state, it was repurchased by a penitent in 180, it is classified a Historical Monument 1. The magnificent alter is attributed to Vanneau. The traditional White Penitents procession on Holy Thursday is an experience not to be missed.

St Médard Collegiate

A Romanesque church (early XIII century), which underwent several extensions over the centuries.

Of special interest : the Virgin and Child in Majesty, the reliquary and recumbent statue of Saint Bénilde, the Pietà (XV XVI), an exhibition of sacerdotal clothing & crosses, the Saint Noël Chabanel, Saint Francis of Assisi, and Saint Joseph Alters.

The Roman Chapel of Notre Dame d’Estours

Overlooking the Gorges of Seuge, set in a landscape both wild and picturesque. 
- Charraix and its surprising “croix de boules” (marrying metal and stone) is worth a visit.
- the Troglodytic Sainte Madeleine Chapel in Monistrol d’Allier.

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